Today we celebrate Beethoven’s 251st birthday. This beloved composer turned 250 in the middle of a world pandemic, dealing a painful blow to celebrations and more significantly, to musicians whose lives and work have been dedicated to performing, studying and teaching his music.

However, something else was born in the middle of the pandemic as well. A product from the heart, a life’s work and love, captured by a dream team of outstanding recording professionals. The drama, complex emotional charge, depth and range of expression in the music evoke the most poignant moments of the human experience in contemporary times, inspiring a shared personal desire to convey messages of empathy, hope, gratitude, love and strength inherent in the music.

So on this day we are overjoyed to announce that the new album BEETHOVEN: THE LAST SONATAS is available for pre-order now on, Barnes & Noble and other online retailers and will be released to the world on all streaming platforms on March 4, 2022. #beethoven #piano #sonatas


Photo credit: Dario Acosta