Beethoven: The Last Sonatas CD


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Regarded by international critics and audiences as an artist of extraordinary musicianship and rare sensibility and tracing his musical roots to Alfred Cortot, Artur Schnabel and Alexander Siloti, Gerardo Teissonnière brings to the concert stage an exciting amalgam of the diverse and important pianistic traditions he represents. Transcendental, dramatic, melodic and stylistic elements are present in each of Beethoven’s final three transcendental piano sonatas, and Teissonnière delivers them and more, revealing lyrical, personal interpretations while maintaining faithfulness to the original sources and scores.


CD of Beethoven Piano Sonatas, Op. 109, 110, and 111

Gerardo Teissonnière (Artist), Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer)

The lost three piano sonatas of Ludwig van Beethoven represent a pinnacle in artistic achievement and the triumph of the human spirit over adversity, and constitute the closing chapter in one of the most important legacies in the solo instrumental literature by any composer.

The drama, complex emotional charge, depth and range of expre,sion in these works evoke the most poignant moments of the human experience in contemporary times, and have inspired o shored personal desire to convey me,sages of empathy, hope, gratitude, love and strength inherent in the music.

With this unique triptych, the last sonatas he wrote for any instrument, Beethoven extended the limits of musical and pianistic convention and imagination, introducing new technical and tonal elements to the instrument for which they were written and changing the traditional boundaries of the classical sonata form for future generations of composers. Beethoven’s personal and physical challenges, along with historical events in his life, form on integral part of the existence of these sonatas, each with individual yet interrelated characteristics.

These three extraordinarily diverse works present us with some of the composer’s most beautiful, innermost, surprising, and transcendental musical expression. Together, they comprise a transformative musical journey, one of the most challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding solo recital programs I take great pleasure in sharing with my audiences.

– Gerardo Teissonnière

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